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Our high quality, soft, large stuffed animals and giant teddy bears are perfect for giving a long-lasting gift that will bring a big smile and have that special someone thinking of you for many years to come!

Benny the Giant St. Bernard
60" Floppy St. Bernard
Now Only $119.97
Brenda the Bernese Mountain Dog
60" Bernese Mountain Dog
Now Only $119.97
Ella the Giant Plush Elephant
60" Floppy Plush Elephant
Now Only $119.97
Josh the Big Floppy Brown Bear
60" Floppy Brown Teddy Bear
Now Only $119.97
Kevin the Big Floppy Panda Bear
60" Floppy Panda Bear
Now Only $119.97
Matthew the Plush Bulldog
60" Floppy Plush Bulldog
Now Only $119.97
Brianna the Giant Bengal Tiger
67" Giant Bengal Tiger
Now Only $94.97

Here at Tabby Plush you'll find great prices and weekly deals. Whether you're looking for a high-quality gift for someone special or a collector of large teddy bears or other giant stuffed animals you'll find it here at Tabby Plush. Our stuffed animal sizes range from 18" to 90" and are made with the highest quality materials and pass all safety regulations. Feel free to browse our wide variety of giant teddy bears and other large plush animals. While shopping, if you have any questions contact us at customercare at or click here.